Apprenticeship Requirements

Western Missouri and Kansas Joint Apprenticeship Requirements:

The Construction Craft Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program is a “Letter of Intent Program” consisting of a minimum 4,800hrs on the job training (OJT) and a minimum of 480 classroom training hrs.

This is achieved by attending scheduled week long training classes, 8hr certification refresher classes and Union Meeting attendance.

The training curriculum includes classroom and hands on training in all phases of the Construction Craft Laborers’ jurisdiction, from new entry through leadership training, with safety keyed into all training sessions. Apprentices are registered by the Kansas Apprenticeship Council.

Apprentices start out at 50% of the journeyperson scale for the area they are employed unless they earn and advance placement credit. It is possible for a new Apprentice to start out at up to 80% of Journeyperson scale

0 – 3,840 OJT 80% of Scale
3,841 – 4,800 OJT 90% of Scale
Over 4,800 OJT 100% of Scale

Starting percentages are dependent upon the applicable journeyperson scale.

Wages are based on location

This information is specific to the KC-area, for other locations, please call
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