Our Fund offers courses for both the Apprentice Laborer as well as the Journeyman Laborer. Our extensive curriculum covers a wide variety of classes; from Asbestos Certification to GPS/Total Stations Grade Checking; from Laser Assisted Pipe Laying to OSHA 10 Hour Certification. In addition to the Apprentice and Journeyman Laborer curriculum, we also offer Foreman Preparedness and Supervisor Training for those Laborers that you need to perform at the next level. Whether it is a class off of our existing schedule, or a class that you request specifically for your company, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your training needs. In addition to primary facility in Belton, we also offer courses at our satellite training facilities located in Clever and Joplin, Missouri, or St. Mary’s and Wichita, Kansas.

Because the profitability of your company and the safety and productivity of our Laborers are of the utmost concern, we also offer Jobsite Safety Audits through our Health & Safety Fund. The Fund’s audits are conducted with the help of a certified Industrial Hygienist to help ensure that your jobsite is safe and adheres to the latest OSHA guidelines.

How do I participate in Classes?

Please send an E-mail to Mike White to participate in any scheduled class or to schedule a class to meet your training needs.

Contractor Luncheon Schedule

2022 – 2023 Contractor Luncheon Schedule will be released soon